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New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library,  Plimpton MS 136
Description: ff. ii + 119 + ii - In limp parchment. - Written in Florence in or after 1467, and remained there throughout following century; "bartolommeo da urbisan" (s. XVI); George A. Plimpton (1855-1936). - De Ricci, p. 1777.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 6
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Part 1: ff. 1-118v
Description: - Parchment - 143 x 89 mm - 24 long lines ruled in dry point.
Country: ItalyCardinal point:
Region: TuscanyCity: Florence
Assigned Date: s. XV2Searchable Date Range: 1450 - 1499
Dated by scribe: YesInscribed Date: 1467 or after
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;2; scribe i, the bulk of the text; scribe ii, ff. 31-73, 101-105.
Scribe(s): Giorgio Antonio Vespucci
Script: Humanistic
Figurative Decoration: Historiated 4-line initial on f. 1; initial itself in gold on a blue ground, with full border of white vine stem.
Other Decoration: 3-line gold initial on a white-patterned blue, green, and pink ground; secondary initials in plain blue, slightly over 2 lines in height.
Acknowledgments: - We are indebted to Dr. A. C. de la Mare for attribution of the scribe.
Number of Texts: 6

Text 1: ff. 1-68v
Title: Latin grammar
Language(s): Latin; Italian
Status of text: Defective; loss of leaves between ff. 30-31.
Not Availablef. 1   Scribe: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci; full border.

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Not Availablef. 1v   Scribe: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci; secondary decoration.

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Not Availablef. 35   Second scribe.

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Not Availablef. 54   Scribe: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci; date internal to text.

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Text 2: ff. 69-79
Author: Donatus
Title: Barbarismus
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Ars maior part 3. 
Not Availablef. 79   Scribe: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci.

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Text 3: ff. 79-87v
Title: Grammatical treatises
Language(s): Latin

Text 4: ff. 88-97v
Author: Guarino Veronese
Title: De heteroclitis De orthographia Carmina differentialia
Language(s): Latin
Status of text: Ending defectively.
Not Availablef. 94v   Scribe: Giorgio Antonio Vespucci; correction in bottom line by third scribe.

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Text 5: ff. 97v-105
Title: Grammatical excerpts
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Contains excerpts frequently found in manuscripts also containing works by Guarino Veronese. 

Text 6: ff. 105v-118v
Other Associate: Cicero; Pliny; Terence; Livy; Statius; Ambrose; Gregory (excerpts)
Title: Classical excerpts
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Containing several epistles of Cicero, Pliny; excerpts from Terence, Livy, Statius, Ambrose and Gregory.