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San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 19920
Description: ff. iv + iv + 258 + iv - Bound, s. XVII, in English brown half, gold tooled; gilt center lozenge flanked by the initials "H.N." (the "N" stamped backwards) on both covers; rebacked with original spine laid down; remains of 2 green fore edge ties; red speckled edges. - The coats of arms on f. 1 are: in the upper corner, the arms of England; in the outer margin, barry of 6 or and azure, on a canton argent a chaplet gules (Holme, of Yorkshire or of Lancashire); across the lower margin, the first coat of arms, Holme impaling sable a lion rampant argent (Wastneys), the second Holme, and the third Holme within a bordure engrailed gules; below these 3 coats of arms are faint sketches of the same arms, perhaps as instructions to the illuminator; the arms themselves appear to be later additions over larger, blank shields, now erased. On f. 173, in the upper corner, the arms of England and France quarterly, impaling the arms attributed to Edward the Confessor (azure, a cross flory between 5 martlets or); in the outer margin, within a bordure or, quarterly, 1 and 4 argent 3 chaplets gules (Lascelles? Hilton?), 2 and 3 argent 2 bars azure (unidentified); across the lower margin, the first coat of arms, Holme impaling Wastneys, the second Holme, the third argent a lion rampant sable (also for Wastneys?); the 3 coats of arms in the lower margin appear to be later additions over larger, blank shields, now erased. On f. 227, in the upper corner, the arms of England and France; in the outer margin, azure 3 chevronels interlaced and a chief or (Fitzhugh); across the lower margin, the first coat of arms, Holme impaling Wastneys, the second Holme, the third Holme within a bordure engrailed gules. The arms may be those of John Holme (d. 1438; Foster, Yorkshire Pedigrees, 1874, ii), of Paull-Holme, who married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Adam Wastneys; his son, also named John Holme, married Joan, daughter of John Ellerker of Riseby, serjeant at law ca. 1441; the younger John Holme was probably Baron of the Exchequer, 1446-49 (Foss, Judges of England, iv, p. 331). On f. v verso, twice, the signature of Sir Thomas Bourchier (1442-1512), nephew to the Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury of the same name (see J. C. Wedgwood and A. D. Holt, History of Parliament, London 1936, 1:95-96); the same inscription occurs in Princeton University, Garrett 150, a Brut, and in Oxford, Bod. Lib., Ashmole 39, a copy of Lydgate's Life of our Lady. Also on f. v verso, s. XVI, "Constat Roberto plummer." The book belonged to "H.N." who had it rebound with his initials on the covers and who may have written the notes on tinctures on f. iv recto and verso. On f. iii, s. XVII, "Roger Allestry his book 1291 [sic]." Armorial bookplate, s. XIX, of Thomas William Evans, in which the first quarter (gironny of 8 argent and vert, a lion rampant gardant or) and the crest (in a charger a boar's head erased argent) correspond to those of W. Evans of Allestree Hall, Derbyshire. Sold by J. and J. Leighton to C. W. Dyson Perrins (1864-1958) in 1905. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). G. Warner, Descriptive Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts in the Library of C. W. Dyson Perrins (Oxford 1920) vol. 1, pp. 62-63, and vol. 2, pl. 23 of details of ff. 1, 173, 227. E. G. Millar, English Illuminated Manuscripts of the XIVth and XVth Centuries (Paris and Brussels 1928) 89, n. 287. Aspects of Medieval England, this manuscript mentioned in n. 36, the entry for HM 19913. Chronica, 3. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscripts (forthcoming).
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Part 1: ff. 1-258v
Description: - Parchment - 230 x 348 mm - 1-108 118(-4, 5 after f. 83) 128(-2, 3 after f. 87) 136(calendar) 148(-1 after f. 98) 15-228 234(-2 after f. 170) 24-298 306(through f. 226) 31-348. Catchwords in flourished ink frames in the inner lower margin; 2 columns of 40 lines, ruled in ink with additional double rules in all 4 margins (omitted in lower margins of quires 8, 9, 12, 23, 31, 32); slash prick marks occasionally remaining in upper and lower margins.
Country: EnglandCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XV1/4Searchable Date Range: 1400 - 1425
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Scribe(s): Richard Frampton?
Script: Anglicana formata
Artist(s): Master of the Carmelite Missal, style of
Figurative Decoration: Historiated initials, 8- and 7-line, in the style of the Dutch Master of the Carmelite Missal (and related to the historiated initials in the Great Cowchers), containing portraits of Henry III (f. 1), Richard II (f. 173) and Henry IV (f. 227); the leaf beginning the statutes of Edward III has been excised, but the offset of a full border remains on f. 98v. The initials are in white-highlighted blue or pink on gold grounds, with full bar borders and with coats of arms possibly added on ff. 1 and 173, but integral on f. 227; the initial on f. 227, more delicately shaded than the previous 2, and with border of a slightly later style.
Other Decoration: 3- and 2-line blue initials and blue paragraph marks, both with red flourishing; rubrics in red. In the calendar, 2-line gold initials with purple flourishing and blue initials with red; 1-line initials alternating blue with red flourishing and red with purple. Running headlines on ff. 99-105v only; chapter numbers in the margins; "ex[aminatur] per rotul[um]" in the hand of the scribe at the end of many texts.
Notes: Notes in another hand identifying regnal year for some statutes; on f. 92, s. XV or XVI, a small sketch in ink of a young man's head; on f. iv recto and verso, s. XVII, a table giving the moral significance of various tinctures of arms. The hand is not dissimilar from that of Richard Frampton who signed Glasgow, University Library, Hunterian T.4.1 (84) and who was paid for copying the Great Cowchers ( London, P. R. O. Duchy of Lancaster. Misc. Books, D.L. 42, 1 and 2). Latin
Number of Texts: 18

Text 1: ff. 1-81v
Title: Statuta vetera
Language(s): Latin

Text 2: ff. 40-42
Title: Incipit Statutum Suthamptoun Reports of cases
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: In Octabis sancti Michaelis anno quinquagesimo secundo coram N. de litt. precipe priori de monte forti quod iuste et cetera reddat I. et A. uxori eius unum molendinum et 1v acres terre cum pertinentibus in N. in quas idem prior non habet ingressum
Explicit: et non liberum tenementum est id quod in villenagio tenetur sive ad terminum vite perpetuo sibi et heredibus suis possidendum.
Notes: Notes of law and cases, 3 of which are dated 52 Henry III; named persons are "N. de litt.," "A. Malleb'ge" vs. "C. de B. coram S. de littilbure in Banco," "J. de lande" vs. the abbot and convent of Selby, "G. de Sutton" vs. "A. Husse coram M[artin] de l[ittlebury] in Banco," "Walter de Wyburnam" and "W. de Cantilupo" bishop of Worcester (1237-66) "qui postea fuit collega S. de monte forti Com. leyc." 

Text 3: f. 48
Title: De iure calumnie pro Rege
Title: Statutum de iure calumpn. pro Rege
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: De requisitionibus coram Iusticiis quibuscumque capiendis et in quibus dominus Rex est pars qualitercumque
Explicit: Ita [sic] ordinacio et ordinacio de foresta facte fuerunt in parliamento apud Westmonasterium die dominica proxima post festum sancti michaelis Anno regni Regis Edwardi filii Regis henrici tricesimo quinto.

Text 4: f. 48v
Title: De utlagaria
Title: Incipit Statutum de utlagaria
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Omnibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutem. Nos legem habemus de tempore
Explicit: Et ideo dicimus quod Aldemarus Wyntoun in regno nostro Anglie introduci non debet quia de morte hominis et roberiis appellatus fuit et non comparavit et ideo propter suam contumaciam utlagatus est.

Text 5: f. 54
Title: Officium vicecomitis
Title: Officium vicecomitis
Language(s): French
Incipit: Ceux sont les articles touchants nostre coroune et nostre pees enfreint pleablez par viscont autre foitz
Explicit: Et ceux de xii ans que ne sount venuz a hundrede toutz les articles que sont contenuz en vewe de frankplegge et cetera.

Text 6: ff. 62v-64
Title: De quo warranto
Title: Incipiunt Notabilia de quo Warranto
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Utrum domino Regi competat accio ad recuperandum dominicum corone sue a corona sua separatum per breve
Explicit: .se possent tueri si calumpniati fuerint per quam se tuerentur huiusmodi magnates vel eorum heredes et cetera.

Text 7: f. 55
Title: Sacramentum coronatoris
Title: Sacramentum coronatoris
Language(s): French
Incipit: Ceo oiez sire viconte que R. de B. Coroner nostre seignur le Roy deinz le Wapentake de G. loialment et sanz lower demander
Explicit: et quanque a mon office de Coroner appent sanz rien prendre si dieu m'aide et cetera.

Text 8: f. 64
Title: De antiquo dominico corone
Title: Statutum de antiquo dominico corone
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Licet in antiquo dominico corone non currat aliquod breve nisi parvum breve de recto clausum
Explicit: propter quod si ego fuissem assignatus Iusticiarius ego secure procederem in assisa sicut pluries consuevi quid alii faciunt ignoro.
Notes: A. J. Horwood, ed., Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the first, years XX and XXI. RS 39 pt. 16 (London 1886) xviii-xix , here ending incomplete with respect to the printed text. 

Text 9: f. 66r-v
Title: De tonsura Monete
Title: Capitula de tonsura Monete
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: De tonsura monete tam de Iudeis quam de christianis de hiis qui tradiderunt denaros suos retonsore pro habendo lucro tonsure
Explicit: cum multis de populo ad hoc teneretur licet expresse non consentirent.

Text 10: f. 77
Title: De villenagio
Title: De villenagio
Language(s): French
Incipit: Vous vous [sic] savoir q'en deux maners sont vileins, les uns sont celes que sount del auncien demesne le Roi
Explicit: il demoura vilein a celui a qi il dist q'il fuist avant sokeman et cetera.

Text 11: ff. 81v-82
Title: Decretum Walteri Grey Archiepiscopi Eboracensis Decree of Walter Grey, archbp. of York
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Decretum domini Walteri Grey Eboracensis Archiepiscopi Anglie primatis. . .et memoriam omnium futurorum. Cum plerumque inter Rectores seu vicarios in provincia Eboracensi constitutos
Explicit: secundum hanc ordinacionem sive constitucionem alias in hac parte probatam.
Notes: D. Wilkins, ed., Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae (London 1737) 1:698. 

Text 12: f. 82r-v; ff. 83-92 blank
Title: Exposicio vocabulorum Dictionary of legal terms
Language(s): Latin; English
Incipit: Sek hoc est secta de omnibus in Curia nostra secundum consuetudinem regni. . .Sak. . .Tolhost. . .Ton. . .Infangenthef
Explicit: Ferdwite quietus esse de mora in hostagio.

Text 13: ff. 92v-98v
Title: Calendrical material
Language(s): Latin
Notes: On f. 92v, table of golden numbers and leap years, 1413-1500; on ff. 93-98v, Graded calendar with several saints marked as "non sarum." 

Text 14: ff. 99-254; ff. 254v-258v blank
Title: Statuta nova
Language(s): Latin; French

Text 15: ff. 101-102v
Title: Item aliud Statutum editum Anno primo About Statutes of Edward I
Language(s): French
Incipit: Come nadgairs en temps le Roi E. fitz le Roi henri plusours graundz du Roialme D'engleterre surmeissent a hugh le despenser le fitz et hugh le despenser le piere plusours malveistes
Explicit: desobeissances et rebellions soient quitz par ceste acorde assent et estatut a touz iours.

Text 16: ff. 141v-142
Title: Kingston upon Hull as staple town
Language(s): French
Incipit: Et puis apres fuist ordene par nostre dit seignur le Roi prelates et autres gentz du conseil nostre dit seignur le Roi q'une autre estaple seroit tenuz a kyngestoun sur hull
Explicit: a Westm. le lundy prochein apres la feste de seint marc l'evangelist l'an du regne nostre dit seignur le Roi d'engleterre vint et oeptisme et de France quinzisme et come assent de tout le parlement horspris certeins articles contenuz en un estatut fait en le parlement avaundit.

Text 17: f. 142
Title: Custom to pay on movement of merchandise
Language(s): French
Incipit: Fait a remembrer q'ia soit ce q'il fuist ordene a conseil tenuz a Westm. le lundy prochein apres le fest de seint matheu l'apostoil darrein passe par les grauntz et autres illeoques este antz que leins et plumbe seroient poisez
Explicit: et illeoques la custume paie les dites leins pealx quirs et plumbe a mesmes les Custumers.

Text 18: f. 165
Title: Revocacio brevium de audiendo et terminando
Language(s): French
Incipit: Accorde est par nostre seignur et son conseil a ce parlement de Northamptoun que touz les oiers et terminers grauntez contre la fourme d'estatut fait en temps le Roi E. Aiel le Roi qor est
Explicit: mes ce est baille en Chauncellerie par bille.
Notes: This text also in HM 906, f. 125r-v, HM 930, f. 12 and EL 9 H 10, ff. 55v-56.