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Rome, American Academy in Rome, Barbara Goldsmith Rare Book Room,  R.B.R.146.3.Flo
Description: ff. i + 138 - Limp vellum binding with evidence of two fore edge ties; edges of the book block painted in a simple manner with a floral design. On the back cover, a contemporary (or at least early) note, "derr.o." - Coat of arms in the lower margin of f. 13: or, 2 bezants gules, a bend gules, 1 bezant azur, and in chief azur, 3 fleur de lys or. On the front pastedown, an armorial bookplate, "Ex libris M. A. Principis Burghesii" with the Borghese arms. On f. i, the accession number of the American Academy, "49086" leading to the information that the book was accessioned on 17 August 1942 [tempore belli!] with the note that it was already in the library; it may have been part of the bequest of Herriman in 1920. On the back pastedown in pencil in a modern European hand, "Regist. Carte 137 / V.P.P. / 14 ½ x 10," and in ink in a 15th century hand, "Onurte," twice, as if a pentrial.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 16
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Part 1: ff. 1-138v
Description: - Parchment - 144 x 101 mm - Text block: 85 x 58 mm. 112 210 38 4-710 88^8#(-5 after f. 74) 9-1110 1210(-7 after f. 113) 1310 1412. Catchwords centered horizontally in lower margin between flourishes (but once placed vertically along the inner bounding line, top to bottom). Long lines, ruled in ink.
Country: ItalyCardinal point: central
Region: Emilia-Romagna?City: Bologna?
Assigned Date: s. XV4/4Searchable Date Range: 1475 - 1499
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Gothic script
Figurative Decoration: 3 historiated initials (leaves with 2 others removed); these 3 initials have been repainted.
Other Decoration: Secondary initials with Ferrara-style borders; on f. 23, the border for lauds is unfinished. 2-line initials in gold with blue flourishing; 1-line initials within the text alternating gold with blue flourishing and red with blue flourishing. Rubrics mainly in red, occasionally in blue.
Notes: Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-138v
Title: Book of Hours, use of Rome
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Contains: ff. 1-12v, calendar with Petronius in red on 4 October; ff. 13-74v, Hours of the Virgin "secundum consuetudinem Romane curie" ending with the changed office at matins for weekly and yearly differences; ff 75-113v, Office of the Dead, use of Rome, beginning and ending defectively; ff. 114-133, Penitential psalms (beginning defectively) and litany, including Petronius as the 8th of 8 bishops and confessors; ff. 133-136, Short Office of the Cross; ff. 136-138v, Short Office of the Holy Spirit. 
Not AvailableFront pastedown   Borghese coat of arms.

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Not Availablef. 5   Catherine of Siena (2 May), canonized in 1461.

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Not Availablef. 6v   Prosper, bishop of Reggio Emilia (25 June).

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Not Availablef. 10   Petronius, bishop of Bologna (4 October, in red); Domninus, martyr of Parma (9 October).

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Not Availablef. 13   Historiated initial of Virgin and Child, possibly repainted; rubric in alternating red and blue letters.

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Not Availablef. 23   Opening of lauds, with 3-line initial on gold ground and border decoration of bars and "Ferrara" style flowers.

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Not Availablef. 30v   2-line gold initials with blue flourishing, for the capitulum and the hymn at lauds; centered catchword.

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Not Availablef. 34   6-line gold initial for the beginning of prime.

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Not Availablef. 41   2-line gold initials one with red flourishing, the other with blue.

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Not Availablef. 74v   Closing rubric for the hours of the Virgin erased, presumably to disguise the lack of what should have been the opening leaf of the Office of the Dead.

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Not Availablef. 107v   Catchword written vertically, top to bottom, along the inner bounding line.

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Not Availablef. 111v   Red and blue flourishing omitted on this page.

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Not Availablef 126   Petronius in the litany as the last of the bishops and confessors.

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Not Availablef. 133   Opening of the Short Hours of the Holy Cross with a historiated initial of the cross.

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Not Availablef. 136   Opening of the Short Hours of the Holy Spirit with a historiated initial of the Holy Spirit as a dove.

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Not AvailableBack pastedown   Modern note on the number of leaves (as 137); contemporary pen trials, "Onurte."

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