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Next Generation Financial Guidance Tool

Hai, Feng
Technical Report Identifier: EECS-2014-69

Abstract: Our capstone project is a "Next Generation Financial Guidance Tool," an interactive website that exploits the concept of gamification to target Gen Y customers. We aim to provide millennial customers with a great user experience and high-quality financial guidance while at the same time helping our industry sponsor, Fidelity Investments, establish a strong connection to these customers. In this website users can learn to make wiser investments by setting their own financial goals and choosing different portfolios to realize them. They can get the latest financial news and—more importantly—share their experience of the website with friends through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This project has 4 essential components: market research and analysis, Balsamiq Mockups design, website implementation, and feedback from potential customers. Keywords: financial guidance; interactive game; portfolio modeling; web design.