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A curriculum feedback collection tool for UC-WISE courses on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment

Technical Report Identifier: EECS-2011-148
December 16, 2011

Abstract: In this paper we present a page-integrated tool for collecting feedback for online UC-WISE course content on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. First, we discuss previously employed methods that include a end-of-semester in-browser survey and in-person student surveys, each of which has significant limitations. The feedback tool?s defining advantage is: 1) its availability on all course elements within an online curriculum (yielding feedback data with greater granularity); and 2) a deep integration with the web portal to deliver analytical tools to instructors. Next, we present the design goals we set for this tool and the features that were developed to realize those goals. Following this is an explanation of the entire development cycle, the structure of the code base, and subsequent improvements on each iteration. Lastly, we map out steps for improving the tool further.