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Modeling and Identifying Bottlenecks in the EOSDIS Architecture

Smith, Sharon L.
Ivory, Melody Y.
Demmel, James
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-97-957
September 1996

Abstract: NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) is a series of polar-orbiting and low-inclination satellites that will furnish global space-based measurements to advance scientific understanding of the entire Earth system, including hydrologic, biogeochemical, atmospheric, ecological, and geophysical processes. The EOS Data and Information system (EOSDIS) is a multi-million dollar hardware and software system that will enable scientists to access data generated by EOS. An EOSDIS architecture has been proposed to facilitate efficient organization and high performance retrieval of EOS data, however, the architecture needs to be examined to insure that EOSDIS will deliver adequate performance for anticipated workloads. To that end, we use performance modeling to identify bottlenecks in EOSDIS for two representative user scenarios from climate change research.