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Rational Krylov, A Practical Algorithm for Large Sparse Nonsymmetric Matrix Pencils

Ruhe, Axel
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-95-871
April 1995

Abstract: The Rational Krylov algorithm computes eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a regular not necessarily symmetric matrix pencil. It is a generalization of the shifted and inverted Arnoldi algorithm, where several factorizations with different shifts are used in one run. It computes an orthogonal basis and a small Hessenberg pencil. The eigensolution of the Hessenberg pencil approximates the solution of the original pencil. Different types of Ritz values and harmonic Ritz values are described and compared. Periodical purging of uninteresting directions reduces the size of the basis, and makes it possible to get many linearly independent eigenvectors and principal vectors to pencils with multiple eigenvalues. Relations to iterative methods are established.

Results are reported for two large test examples. One is a symmetric pencil coming from a finite element approximation of a membrane, the other a nonsymmetric matrix modeling an idealized aircraft stability problem.