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Pan I Version 4.0: An Introduction For Users

Downs, Laura M.
Van De Vanter, Michael L.
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-91-659
August 1991

Abstract: Pan is a prototype and testbed for language-based editors and views. Its design addresses the needs of experienced users who manage complex objects such as large software systems. All of Pan's components are multilingual, incremental, description-driven, customizable, and extensible. Viewing is facilitated by semantics-based browsing and an object model that integrates text and structure. Pan is intended to share information with other tools, allowing integration into a larger language program, and document development environment.

This document, a users manual, describes the basic operational facilities of Pan I (version 4.0), the current implementation. It explains the concepts behind Pan's editing environment, introduces editing commands, and discusses techniques for customization. Appendices list command bindings (to both keystrokes and menus), view options, and view flags.