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Tcl: An Embeddable Command Language

Ousterhout, John K.
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-89-541
November 27,1989

Abstract: Tcl is an interpreter for a tool command language. It consists of a library package that is embedded in tools (such as editors, debuggers, etc.) as the basic command interpreter. Tcl provides (a) a parser for a simple textual command language, (b) a collection of built-in utility commands, and (c) a C interface that tools use to augment the built-in commands with tool-specific commands. Tcl is particularly attractive when integrated with the widget library of a window system: it increases the programmability of the widgets by providing mechanisms for variables, procedures, expressions, etc.; it allows users to program both the appearance and the actions of widgets; and it offers a simple but powerful communication mechanism between interactive programs.