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ALANA -- Augmentable LANguage Analyzer

Cox, Charles A.
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-86-283
January 26, 1986

Abstract: This report introduces a reimplementation of the ideas for phrasal analysis originally implemented in PHRAN[WA80] as part of the original Unix Consultant project (UC[WAC84]). The new implementation, ALANA, presents a general algorithm using chart parsing techniques for phrasal analysis.

Also presented in this report is a discussion of KODIAK, the new form of representation from UC Berkeley into which ALANA analyzes. We include a description of how language is represented in ALANA and how it ties in with the KODIAK representation model.

Finally, we look at how ALANA fits into the new UC, a new implementation of UC using ALANA, KODIAK, and the latest ideas from the UC Berkeley BAIR (Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research) project on understanding and planning.