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Jessie: An Interactive Editor for Unigrafix

Siegel, H. B.
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-86-279
December 1985

Abstract: Jessie, (Geometric Construction Editor) is a tool for the creation and modification of UNIGRAFIX objects and scene descriptions. It is an interactive 3-D editor running under SunTools. Jessie has operations to incrementally create and maintain a hierarchical scene representation. It supports a large set of transformation and alignment operators to transform portions of the scene tree, both by eye and by exact placement. The command language includes some geometric operators to help the user construct exact representations, that are not limited by the screen resolution. Jessie has an easily expandable input language and flexible menu structure.

This report consists of several parts: As an introduction, one should read first the User's Guide. For further information on maintaining, debugging, or customizing Jessie see The Jessie Design Manual.