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Development of a Control Process for the Berkeley UNIX Distributed Programs Monitor

Macrander, Cathryn Marcia
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-84-216
December 1984

Abstract: Conventional programs have a single stream of execution. Distributed programs expand on this notion, having multiple streams of execution that interact with each other. This expansion increases the complexity of a program's behavior. Existing program monitors do not provide enough information to deal with all of the problems of a distributed computing environment. This paper is concerned with the development of a programming tool for Berkeley UNIX whose goal is to characterize the performance of distributed programs.

The Distributed Programs Monitor (DPM) monitors specifically the interactions between the processes of a distributed program and provides routines to analyze the resulting data. DPM is a tool composed of independent subtools that work together to monitor a distributed program. This paper will present an overview of DPM including a bit of its history and a bit of its experimental use, but it deals primarily with the development of a control process for the monitor. The design and the implementation of this process is described. A major issue of the design addresses how to provide distributed process management in a nondistributed processing environment.