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UNIGRAFIX 2.0 User's Manual and Tutorial

Sequin, Carlo H.
Segal, Mark
Wensley, Paul
Technical Report Identifier: CSD-83-161
December 1983

Abstract: UNIGRAFIX, as the name implies, is a graphics system that runs under the UNIX operating system. It consists of a descriptive language and various programs that allow a user to create, modify, and display scenes consisting of polyhedral objects.

The UNIGRAFIX language is in a terse, human-readable format that allows scene files of complex objects to be created with little effort. These scene files may be created manually with use of a text editor, or may be output by special-purpose generator programs (for more complex scenes). Once created, scenes can be used as input to the UNIGRAFIX rendering programs. These programs can be run either as separate functional units, or from within the interactive UNIGRAFIX environment. Programs are also available to transform and display the scenes according to user specification.